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Angled Glass Integrated LED Wall Lantern, 1000 Lumens, 3K, Wet Location, Black Finish with Clear Glass

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SKU: W043-830LED-BK
  • This decorative traditional large angled glass lantern down light will upgrade any home for porches, patios, driveways, walls, columns, and more. These durable cast aluminum LED fixtures are made with a high-quality powder coat matte black finish and clear 5mm beveled glass panels designed for Wet Location areas.

  • Never Replace a Light Bulb! These fixtures have been produced with a built-in integrated LED light source. There is no need to change a light bulb, ever! Based on the LED light source life of 50,000 hours, these fixtures can run over 22 years at 6 hours per day, saving you time and money!

  • Save Money on Reduced Energy! These fixtures each produce 1000 lumens of 3K Warm White light. That usually requires the equivalent of a 100W light bulb, but these LED lights each only consume 12W of power, saving you money and time on maintenance costs every day you have this fixture installed.

  • Solid Quality that is Built to Last. These fixtures have been produced in a factory with over 40 years’ experience producing light fixtures for leading brands throughout the world. They are built to last with reliable quality and a great mix of decorative and functional features. All fixtures unless noted come with a 5-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

  • Easy to Install. Each fixture comes with full illustrated instructions, making it easy to install for most DIY customers. This fixture includes everything you need for a new or to replace an existing light fixture including mounting bracket, junction box screws, corrosion resistant fixture mounting screws and wire nuts.

Customer Reviews

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I LOVE LED... have I said how much I LOVE LED?

LED Lights... ahhh... WHY do I still have ANY lightbulbs?? LED lights are so bright! I live in the country. If you live in the city maybe you don't want super bright porch lights, but for a person who lives in the dark country with no street lamps a bright porch light is a MUST HAVE. It helps you see out into your yard when you think you hear something funny and want to check it out. You don't really want to be the guy with the flashlight shining it out in your yard like some robber unless you have to.My husband (and all around BEST handy man) installed this and had it up in no time (or what seemed like it to me). He said it installed "just like all the other lights he has put up in our house" lol. So I take that as, yes it was fine, and to please stop ordered home improvement stuff.I would recommend it always, but ESPECIALLY for COUNTRY LIVING.

Great price

Love these lights. Price is reasonable and makes house and shop pop.

Molly M.
Very Beautiful!

We put this on the exterior of our house above the walk-out basement door. The old fixture really needed to go, it was original to the house and about 60 years old. I always had a terrible time getting to the old light to change the bulb, and dreaded the chore. This really solves those problems for me. The CORAMDEO Outdoor Large Hex Angled Glass LED Wall Lantern will save me from needing to change the bulb in such an awkward area. It looks really pretty, and it gives off so much good light, so much that I now realized that the exterior stair-well is in dire need of a power wash! I can see clearly to descent the steps at night, which is something I have disliked and previously avoided because of the terrible old fixture we used to have. It's really something I wish I had changed a long while ago. It's a great value for sure!We did need to find some different mounting screws, but that is because of the exterior of our house being brick. Other than that, my boys had this up in only a couple minutes. We had some alternate screws in the garage, so it was no problem. This probably isn't going to be an issue for many homeowners.Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

Great quality

We absolutely love our lights, we bought 5 and the look very high quality.

Amazon Customer
Good Quality Fixture

The first thing that stood out to me about this fixture was the thick finish. Many outdoor lanterns (even the most expensive models) have a thin easily scratched almost superficial finish. This fixture has a nice almost "armor paint" finish( but I wouldn't go so far as to call it armor paint). It also includes rubber seals for the nut heads and the top of the fixture doesn't have any holes where water can get in, so I would say this truly is for wet locations.The installation parts are all standard pieces, some fixtures have bespoke installation parts that can be very difficult to deal with when installing over an existing fixture location. So installation was straight forward.The light puts out plenty of good light, it is rated as 1000 lumen's, the color is warm and it can not be dimmed. Does it actually put out 100 watt light bulb light? I would say no, but it is close. For some reason the CRI is not listed, I would guess 80 compared to other LED's we have.Longevity, well I can't answer that one yet. We have several other fixtures that are permanent LED's, they are several years old without issues so knock on wood. There are repair kits starting to pop up on the market so time will tell how this one does.This fixture was made in China.