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8.4” Integrated LED Nautical Bulkhead Light, Black Finish, 900 Lumens, 3K

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SKU: C019-830LED-BK
  • This traditional nautical style fixture can be used as a wall or ceiling mount light for any home or commercial setting. Improve the look of your porch, patio, deck, boathouse or dock with this stylish but functional light. This LED fixture is made from durable cast aluminum with a high quality textured black powder coat finish and heavy duty frosted glass lens.
  • Never Replace a Light Bulb! This fixture has been produced with an integrated built-in LED light source. There is no need to change a light bulb, ever! Based on the LED light source life of 50,000 hours, this fixture can run over 22 years at 6 hours per day, saving you time and money!
  • Save Money on Reduced Energy! This fixture produces 900 lumens of light. That usually requires the equivalent of a 75W light bulb, but this LED light only consumes 11.5W of power, saving you money and time on maintenance costs every day you have this fixture installed.
  • Solid Quality that is Built to Last – Commercial Grade! This fixture has been produced in a factory with over 40 years’ experience producing light fixtures for leading brands throughout the world. It is built to last with reliable quality such as rubber gaskets for where the fixture mounts to the wall. All fixtures unless noted come with a 5 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Easy to Install. Each fixture comes with mounting hardware and fully illustrated instructions, making it easy to install for most DIY customers.

Customer Reviews

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Geoffrey Kleinman
Bright Light That Is Easy To Install

We had an old conventional light on our porch that has been long in need of replacement. This one from Coramedo was very easy to install. They give you ample wiring so it's not such a chore to get it connected, along with most of the hardware you need to install. We were able to get everything installed using a wrench, a pair of pliers, and a flat head screw driver. The only thing which was tricky is there is a rubber gasket that lines the base plate and helps form a seal with the dome. It's tricky to get it to stay in place when you are installing it. That's really the only issue we had.The light is bright with a nice warm color temperature. Many LED fixtures fall heavier on the bright white side of the equation, so I am pleased that this one is a bit warmer. It's a no change fixture which is supposed to last many years, if it doesn't, I'll come back and update my review.This is a well made and easy to install fixture with good light quality which is bright but not oppressively so.

Thick glass, durable

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It is durable with thick glass and a built in LED light. We purchased to replace our existing flush mount porch light.

Louann Carroll
Solid light at a great price!

Super easy to install this LED front porch light. Three wires, a flat head screw-driver and you are done. Easy peasy.The LED is round and removable if necessary, and it throws off a powerful white light. The casing is a strong metal, black in color. Quite sturdy.There are a few things to remember while installing a new porch light:1. Before removing the old light it is a good idea to tap around the old light to make sure there are no wasps living in the light cap. We didn't and were shocked at the amount of waspy condominiums they had built. The condos are quite hard to remove and are filled with dead bugs. Which sent us girls screaming like it or not. Gross!2. However the topper of the day came as the son was removing the old light fixture itself when a bloody scream erupted and he fell off the ladder. He was unhurt but kept screaming and pointing. We were still trying to recover from the wasp nests so his babbling didn't penetrate. We looked up.Poor little bat opened his wings, gave the son a surprised glance, and headed for the trees. Both the son and the bat will recover given some time.The rest of us are still laughing.