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Lámpara de techo LED de montaje empotrado de perfil bajo de 15 pulgadas, regulable, 1650 lúmenes, interruptor 3K / 4K / 5K, 90+ CRI, blanco

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SKU: C023-93050LED-WH
  • Esta moderna lámpara de techo es perfecta para pasillos, entradas, dormitorios, cocina, almacenamiento y más. Este dispositivo LED integrado es regulable con la mayoría de reguladores electrónicos. Esta luz cuenta con un interruptor de selección de temperatura de color que le permite elegir la temperatura de color que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades, entre blanco cálido 3K, blanco brillante 4K y blanco luz diurna 5K. El alto índice de reproducción cromática (CRI) de 90 hace que los colores parezcan más precisos, acabado blanco con una lente blanca.
  • ¡Nunca reemplace una bombilla! Este aparato ha sido producido con una fuente de luz LED incorporada. ¡No es necesario cambiar una bombilla, nunca! Basado en la vida útil de la fuente de luz LED de 50,000 horas, este dispositivo puede funcionar durante 22 años a 6 horas por día, ahorrando tiempo y dinero en ubicaciones comerciales y hogares.
  • ¡Ahorre dinero en energía reducida! Este dispositivo produce 1650 lúmenes de luz con un interruptor selector de temperatura de color para la temperatura del color. Eso generalmente requiere el equivalente a una bombilla de 150 W, pero esta luz LED solo consume 21,4 W de energía, lo que le ahorra dinero y tiempo en costos de mantenimiento todos los días que instala este accesorio.
  • Calidad sólida que está construida para durar - ¡Grado comercial! Esta luminaria se ha producido en una fábrica con más de 40 años de experiencia en la producción de luminarias para marcas líderes en todo el mundo. Está construido para durar con la calidad confiable que se espera de un accesorio residencial o comercial permanente. Todos nuestros accesorios, a menos que se indique lo contrario, vienen con una garantía de 5 años contra defectos en materiales o mano de obra.
  • Fácil de instalar. Cada accesorio viene con hardware de montaje e instrucciones completamente ilustradas, lo que facilita la instalación para la mayoría de los clientes de bricolaje.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Low Profile Ceiling Light

This is my second light fixture from Coramdeo and I've been impressed with the quality of both. The first was an outdoor wall sconce with a built in LED light and I was very impressed with the product quality and well thought out installation. Based on that experience I didn't hesitate to pick up this ceiling light and the quality is similarly impressive. If you're looking for a high quality low profile ceiling light that uses minimal electricity for how bright it is, this fixture is a good option. There are various size and frame color options, so this product is versatile for many applications. You could easily use it in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, closets, pantries, and pretty much anywhere in the home. Because of the low profile, the white trimmed version essentially looks like a large "can" style light. It's not technically recessed into the ceiling cavity like an actual can light, but it is so low profile that it's barely noticeable that it's actually hanging down from the ceiling. I also like that there are 3 different color temperature options. It's really annoying when you get a fixture with a built in light and discover that you don't love the color temperature after it is installed. This fixture allows you to play around with the color temperatures to figure out what looks best for your particular application.

Cory P
Nice light, but occasionally flickers

This is almost the perfect low-profile light. The light is easy to install and has a cable that prevents the fixture from falling. The light also has three light settings: soft light, white light, and a bright daylight.One thing I noticed a couple hours after installation was that the light began to flicker a bit at times. This happened on all three light settings. I began to investigate the cause. I looked at how I wired the light and saw no issues. I then installed the light in a different room, but the occasional flickering happened again. I concluded that the flickering was either an issue with the light itself or with the LED bulbs.This fixture is a great fixture for utility rooms or other work rooms in the house. The reason for the 4-star rating instead of the 5-star rating is because of the occasional flickering.

Beautiful light. Modern and refreshing.

This is a very nice way to update a room with an easy to install LED light fixture.The 15" diameter on this light makes for a different look on the ceiling that is both modern and stylish. The LED color temperature can be changed to accommodate your particular taste but I like the 6000k white. I'm using it in a hallway and it feels like there's a skylight in the hall now. I do appreciate that extra light and the bright white color.Installation is a bit different from other ceiling lights in that you can install some optional lag bolts out on the perimeter of the light fixture. I didn't do that and just use the ceiling light box to hold the light up. It's not sagging or weak in any way so I don't feel the optional lag bolts are needed. If you have an older house and you don't trust the strength of your electrical box you may want the additional security that comes from the lag bolts.I like that the manufacturer has included a little strap to let you hang the light while you connect the wires. It speaks to the quality and engineering that is behind this light.I'm very pleased with this light fixture and would not hesitate to order other Coramdeo products in the future.