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Outdoor Hex Integrated LED Wall Lantern, Dusk to Dawn, 1200 Lumens, 3K Warm White, Wet Location, Black or Bronze Finish with Seedy Glass

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  • This upscale traditional style fixture can be installed as a wall sconce lantern on the outside of any home to beautify a porch, deck, patio, garage areas and more. This wall light also features a dusk to dawn photocell to help automate your outdoor lighting. This integrated LED fixture is made with a high-quality black or bronze finish and updated seedy glass lens, designed for Wet Location areas.

  • Dusk to Dawn Photocell Pre Installed. Save energy and never forget to turn the lights on or off! The anti-flicker high grade Dusk to Dawn photocell automatically turns your light fixture on at dusk and turns back off the next morning, depending on where the light fixture is installed (ie may turn off later in the morning when installed under shade, west side of house, etc.). Simply install, turn your light switch on, and let it do its job!

  • Never Replace a Light Bulb! This fixture has been produced with a built-in integrated LED light source. There is no need to change a light bulb, ever! Based on the LED light source life of 50,000 hours, this fixture can run over 17 years at 8 hours per day, saving you time and money!

  • Save Money on Reduced Energy! These fixtures each produce 1200 lumens of Warm White light. That usually requires the equivalent of a 125W light bulb, but these LED lights each only consume 12.5W of power, saving you money and time on maintenance costs every day you have this fixture installed.

  • Solid Quality that is Built to Last. These fixtures have been produced in a factory with over 40 years’ experience producing light fixtures for leading brands throughout the world. They are built to last with reliable quality and a great mix of decorative and functional features. All fixtures unless noted come with a 5-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

  • Easy to Install. Each fixture comes with full illustrated instructions, making it easy to install for most DIY customers. This fixture includes everything you need for a new or to replace an existing light fixture including mounting bracket, junction box screws, corrosion resistant fixture mounting screws and wire nuts.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Piagnarelli

Outdoor Hex Integrated LED Wall Lantern, Dusk to Dawn, 1200 Lumens, 3K Warm White, Wet Location, Black or Bronze Finish with Seedy Glass

L. South
Small fixture...lots of light.

My old fixtures have seen better days, and all six need replacing. I like the look of this light and it puts out a lot of light. With the bulb being built-in to the fixture, never having to replace bulbs is a huge plus.I think this fixture is priced very reasonably, but I'm not sure if six of these would be too much light for the front of my house. My wall switch is a digital timer, with a photo cell, so I adding a dimmer may be a bigger project than I want to tackle right now. Regardless of my situation, this light fixture is an easy five stars.

Ina Padr

Love how it lights our front porch.

Dusk to dawn light is very bright and should be long lasting with the LED lights.

This light is not a motion sensor light, but is sensitive to ambient light./ It can be left ON at all times and will light up at dusk and go dark at dawn. I found a little problem with the connected wires at the back of the light. There are three hot wires connected to the source, the light sensor and the power to the LEDs. Those three wires were poorly twisted and the screw spring connector was very loose. If you buy this light fixture, please check all connectors carefully. Once I tightened those loose wires, everything worked fine. All metal pieces are strong and should hold up well. The light is very bright.

Amazon Customer
good lookong

very good